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from releasees across a number of preexisting characteristics that seem
discharge of the Releasees, I (the employee) expressly acknowledge
Community Programs for Prison Releasees: Benefits Minus Costs Intensive Supervision RNR Model $9.097 Electronic Monitoring $7,706 Drug Treatment $7,367 intensive Supervision w/Treatment $5,876 Work Release $4,751 Cognitive Behavioral Programs $4,474 employment Training/Job Assistance $2,168 Note: Figures are per program participant.
(15) On appeal, however, the First Circuit reversed and remanded the case after concluding, based on a different standard, that a forced extraction of DNA from supervised releasees complies with the Fourth Amendment.
(164) The dissent never explicitly categorized pretrial arrestees' status, opting instead to claim that arrestees' privacy expectations are "somewhat greater than that of a probationer, parolee, or presentence releasee, but it is less than that of an 'ordinary citizen.'" (165)
The results from this broad sample of arrestees contrast sharply with results from samples of prison releasees obtained in earlier research.
Kansas contracts for a 90-day follow-up of its mental health releasees; Massachusetts maintains voluntary phone contact at 30 days, plus six-, 12- and 18-month intervals; the University of Nebraska conducts evaluation interviews at 30-, 60- and 90-day intervals for the state; and Pennsylvania follows up for a period of three years on all released inmates.
recent prison releasees can afford private housing, background checks
Among those released from SWICC who participated in the Model Meth Program (265 of the 1,149 released and tracked for recidivism), their recidivism rate was statistically similar to that of the overall SWICC releasees. After 18 months following their release, 26 percent of the meth program participants had been returned to prison compared with the overall SWICC recidivism rate of 25 percent and the overall comparison group rate of 34 percent.
ON STATES, STATE OF RECIDMSM: THE REVOLVING DOOR OF AMERICA'S PRISONS 14 ex.2 (2011) (listing California, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin as reincarcerating 25% or more of releasees for technical violations).
He is currently the parole reentry coordinator at the Rensselaer County (N.Y.) District Attorney's Office, and for the last year, has collaborated with other state agencies to assist prison and jail releasees and probationers in their efforts to remain in the community without re-offending.