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127) Shifting his cultural context from classical to Christian concepts of identity and affiliation, Palla reminds Onofrio that his exile is not a "proscription" but rather a relegatio, a distancing from worldly concerns that should encourage him to focus on his true, celestial patria: just as the soul is imprisoned in the body, so also the world is itself a prison.
36: "Non enim exilium nostrum est non proscriptio, sed relegatio.
Quatuor quoque apud Romanos dicuntur fuisse genera exilii, proscriptio, inscriptio, relegatio, exilium.
50) We can see immediately the differences between this form of exile and the relegatio which Ovid describes.
Of the sixteen biographies included as appendices by Ghisalberti, one uses both relegatio and exilium and includes an explanation (G, 49-50); two use relegatus without explanation (M, 56; P, 59); two use relegatus and exilium without explanation (E, 47; I, 51); three use exilium (F, 49; N, 57; O, 58).
19) "In the third century exilium is used even by jurists for relegatio, e.