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RELEGATION, civil law. Among the Romans relegation was a banishment to a certain place, and consequently was an interdiction of all places except the one designated.
     2. It differed from deportation. (q.v.) Relegation and deportation agree u these particulars: 1. Neither could be in a Roman city or province. 2. Neither caused the party punished to lose his liberty. Inst. 1,16, 2; Digest, 48, 22, 4; Code, 9, 47,26.
     3. Relegation and deportation differed in this. 1. Because deportation deprived of the right of citizenship, which was preserved notwithstanding the relegation. 2. Because deportation was always perpetual, and relegation was generally for a limited time. 3. Because deportation was always attended with confiscation of property, although not mentioned in the sentence; while a loss of property was not a consequence of relegation unless it was perpetual, or made a part of the sentence. Inst. 1, 12, 1 & 2; Dig. 48, 20, 7, 5; Id. 48, 22, 1 to 7; Code, 9, 47, 8.

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Norton's debut season in the FA Women's Premier League's Northern Division One was ruined by a large number of long term injuries which saw them finish second bottom and in the relegation places.
Larsson has become a specialist at coping with relegation pressure, and said: "It's not nice.
45pm, giving them the opportunity to climb out of the relegation zone before any of their fellow strugglers have kicked-off.
In 1927-28 only five of 21 home games were won and in both 1996-97 and 2000-01 (the Premiership relegation season) a miserable four games were won at Highfield Road.
I don't think there is any fear of relegation and that is the biggest difference Burnley have over other teams who are not in the relegation zone who are starting to think they have something to lose.
Relegation is a scary word for most football fans but every season three teams have to face this adverse occurrence in each of the big five leagues.
Paul Caddis wheels away to celebrate after his dramatic injury-time equaliser, which saved Blues from relegation.
Hearts may be condemned to relegation but as they head to Easter Road on Sunday they are the ones with the wind in their sails and they now have the chance to drag Hibs into the nightmare of the relegation play-offs.
There is at least the second chance of today's relegation final for the Leinster champions.
The players believe now they can not only win but they can avoid relegation.
The result dropped Cannock into the relegation zone and secured their opponents' future in the top division.
The Frenchman joined Queens Park Rangers in the January transfer window for [pounds sterling]8 million but is almost certain to leave the club, along with host of other big names, following the club's relegation to the Championship on Sunday.