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Thankfully, responsible elected officials are unlikely to relent.
Iran's mullahs, for example, have been forced to relent on the cultural front, allowing citizens to own pop recordings and, increasingly, relaxing enforcement of the stringent public dress code.
When an adoring woman grabbed his arm and refused to relent, he said, "All right, take it, you can have it, but let me go
But according to the weather forecast, the rain is set to relent with conditions expected to turn very hot at the weekend.
A Justice Department spokesman said: "There has been a rearguard action by some in the golf fraternity who want to retain the status quo, but we are not going to relent.
As a result, a member of ORA forced Friedman out of a minyan (prayer quorum) at Yeshiva University on Tuesday, following the ruling of the Beth Din of America (Jewish legal court) calling to ostracize Friedman until he relents and clarifies his wife's status, letting her move on.