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Togo had originally threatened not to travel to Dortmund for yesterday's match with Switzerland but relented after pressure from Fifa and a vow from the Togo Football Federation that they would be given their bonuses.
I'm a 60-something adopted skate granny of 16 skateboarders who have been sitting in on lots of city council meetings here in Woodlake, CA until the city finally relented.
The company eventually relented and Les, an authorised poppy seller, was allowed to sell there on Friday and Saturday until the regular seller returned.
In each of those instances, however, the new employer relented and agreed to comply.
Charles Cyzer, trainer of the five-year-old, said: "He was claimed a year ago by John Best, but he relented and sold him back to us.
transit authority, which initially rejected the same ads, relented in September, convinced that it could not withstand a First Amendment challenge; the ads started appearing in January.
But after we gave them assurances they relented and it's nice to see more good come out of these contraband seizures.
It wasn't until the Nijinsky daughters relented as holders of the copyright (the notebooks themselves were sold, and have belonged to a series of collectors) that the present book even became possible.
Several years later, they relented and religious orders were allowed once again.
However in the end, Paramount Pictures, which secured the story from creator Lynda La Plante, relented and gave the role to Mirren.
My mother relented, and I wobbled along on that bike until a car roared over a hill and into me and the bike.
She at last relented but arrived at Troy too late to save him.