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Cruz, meanwhile, attributes a lot of the culture change to Gaco's entry, saying that the veteran forward's relentlessness even in practice has helped in turning the page for Tanduay.
There is plenty to admire about them, particularly the industry and the crossing of Milner, the relentlessness of Tevez and the running of Yaya Toure.
The other comes from the Cabala: "Don't succumb to evil, emulate it." I like it because it's really about relentlessness - telling us to admire the relentlessness of evil.
The two-time Olympic gold medalist is known for his clutch performances and relentlessness that earned him five NBA championships, 11 All-NBA First Team selection, 18 All-Star nods among his other accolades throughout his 20-year career all with the Lakers.
Stoppard's layered script has a relentlessness to it, and the cast - directed by American Stephen C.
But more to the point is the relentlessness with which he conveys the simultaneity of intimacy and atienation - the emotional absurdity - of life, not to speak of art.
At Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School, our scholars are taught to embody respect, responsibility, and relentlessness. All three characteristics were on display yesterday.
But there is something about his relentlessness, his mental strength and his enduring modesty that has established him as the player everyone is rooting for.
As with Wittgenstein's late work in general, Nozkowski's paintings convey the intuition that if you focus, with sufficient relentlessness, on homely, irritatingly empirical details of usage then you're likely to come to conclusions bearing on the questions you used to think were metaphysical.
West is well-known for his relentlessness and game-changing feats within the music industry and beyond.
He added: "It was the relentlessness of this campaign, which included threats of violence, which has proved the final straw.
Roach stood on the receiving end of Pacquiao's relentlessness, getting hurt despite his body shield.