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CLS will undertake a modernisation programme of the properties, which will be available for reletting during the latter part of 2016.
Single let industrials are not in vogue as occupiers tend not to be substantial enough and the risk of reletting higher.
The council is failing to meet its target of reletting properties within 13 weeks of becoming empty, with 874 dwellings remaining unoccupied for more than three months.
The borough council was ranked top for the number of previously unfit houses brought back into use, second in the country for the speed with which it processes housing benefits and third for the speed of reletting vacant council properties.
We take the initiative to negotiate the release and reletting of underutilized space for tenants with more than they need.
Contract notice: Reletting national dredging 2014-2015.
The allocation has been increased from 1,000 to 3,500, which, with another 905 made available by reletting bring the total to more than 4,000.
lSeek professional advice on the best terms for lease renewals or reletting to another tenant.
The space that will open up [when the large tenants vacate] is very viable space for reletting, so it's not a problem for anybody," said Cohen of Newmark, "but we have no sustained growth in employment.
Many properties required all or most of the repairs identified on a reletting document which sets out what fcacilities an incoming occupier should expect.
The court reiterated the three basic options always available to a landlord which are (1) do nothing and collect full rent due under the lease; (2) accept the tenant's surrender, reenter the premises and relet the premises for the landlord's own account, thereby releasing the tenant from further liability for rent; or (3) notify the tenant that the landlord is reentering and reletting the premises for the tenant's benefit.