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The tendency of a fact offered as evidence in a lawsuit to prove or disprove the truth of a point in issue.

A fact offered as evidence must bear a logical relationship to a point in issue for the court to permit its admission as evidence. In addition to such relevancy, evidence must also be material; it must strongly establish the truth or falsity of a point in issue if it is to be used as proof of a particular issue.


n. (See: relevant, irrelevant)


noun accord, affinity, applicability, appositeness, appropriateness, aptness, association, bearing, comparability, compatibility, congruence, congruity, connection, correlation, correspondence, fitness, harmoniousness, importance, materiality, propriety, reference, relation, relationship, scope, significance, suitability, suitableness, tie-in
Associated concepts: legal relevancy, logical relevancy, rellvancy of evidence
See also: connection, relationship

RELEVANCY. By this term is understood the evidence which is applicable to the issue joined; it is relevant when it is applicable to the issue, and ought to be admitted; it is irrelevant, when it does not apply; and it ought then to be excluded. 3 Hawks, 122; 4 Litt. Rep. 272; 7 Mart. Lo. R. N. S. 198. See Greenl. Ev. Sec. 49, et seq.; 1 Phil. Ev. 169; 11 S. & R. 134; 7 Wend. R. 359; 1 Rawle, R. 311; 3 Pet. R. 336; 5 Harr. & Johns. 51, 56; 1 Watts. & Serg. 362; 6 Watts. R. 266; 1 S. & R. 298.

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We did not want to inadvertently reduce relevancy, which meant we needed to be able to easily check the results before and after changes.
However, by applying Rapid Relevancy in real time, we might learn that just seconds before, she was browsing the celebrity lifestyle pages and reading articles about Hollywood stars.
Social listening also allows for easy modification of personas as readers or audience segments undergo shifts that may impact content relevancy.
It may not be possible to anticipate exactly what any given user expects when typing a query, yet we'll save patrons a great deal of frustration to the extent that the relevancy ordering reflects some defensible measure of importance and interest.
This offers the potential for web search to improve relevancy based on a user's explicit statements of interest and network of fellow users.
That experience of dealing with the Web and processing data at a very deep level gave us the experience to develop this product, which is focused on the relevancy and portability of the data on the Web.
For example, the e-business relevancy diagnostic asks 32 questions in six categories.
To determine relevancy of the sets created by these searches, I evaluated the first 20 records for content.
The four basic criteria for selection--quality, library relevancy, aesthetic and technical aspects, and cost--remain the same in the electronic era of information.
In an effort to address issues of local communities in park areas, Boston group members have divided into three subcommittees: hiring, relevancy, and youth programs.
s raison d'etre, NATO has firmly established its relevancy.