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The Court construes the entire disputed term 'separate cam action surface (or area)' to mean 'a cam action surface (or area) that is spaced apart from another cam action surface (or area).' In adopting this construction, the Court has modified DePuy's proposal to eliminate bracketed language which appears elsewhere in the relevant claim and need not be included in the definition of this term.
Since P1* is implausible, others have formulated the relevant claim in other, more modest ways.
Disputes falling within Employment Division jurisdiction, where all parties have agreed in writing that the relevant claim or dispute is to be heard in or determined by the Small Claims Division.
So, though an interesting and possibly commercially relevant claim structure for certain situations, you can get unique headaches both coming and going during the patent prosecution/enforcement cycle.
The updated guidance states that disclosures should be "as close as possible" to the relevant claim, which is a stricter standard.
"Hyperlinks allow additional information to be placed on a webpage entirely separate from the relevant claim. Hyperlinks can provide a useful means to access disclosures that are not integral to the triggering claim, provided certain conditions (discussed below) are met.
In this analysis, we consider a "CCW chronic condition" to be identified by the date of the first relevant claim, according to the CCW algorithm, in the linked NHEFS-Medicare data, beginning with the earliest claims available from 1991.
Metrics, targets, and benchmarks should be defined for each relevant claim function, and progress towards the goals should be monitored throughout the transformation process.
Yukos has already filed a relevant claim to Rosneft's warrantor-bank; however, Rosneft attempts to block the money transfer: structures, affiliated with the oil company, have already triggered judicial proceedings, which may end in claim against Yukos Capital itself.
Shortly after receiving the defense assignment, your attorney will want to learn--either in person or on the telephone--your response to the client's allegations, and your attorney will want to retrieve all relevant claim and underwriting file documents from you.
But as the DSS clearly know who is entitled to what, why can't they just pay them automatically or at least send out the relevant claim forms?
Not only did the two parties disagree as to the truth of the relevant claim - Galileo affirmed the existence of the moons, while his opponents denied it - they also disagreed about the relevant standards (telescopic observation?