relevant fact

See: evidence
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Total and complete disclosure, in light of the new policy, to include what anyone might later deem a relevant fact, appears now to be an absolute imperative.
Even when doctors were correct by today's standards of medical research, as in their arguments that alcoholism was a risk factor in the development of tuberculosis, Barnes argues that "[t]he perception of a connection, rather than the medical 'truth' of the connection, is the relevant fact here.
They ignore the very basic, very obvious, and very relevant fact that the American people have exceedingly deep pockets when it comes to funding the arts.
The relevant fact is that one portion of an ecosystem cannot be degraded without creating ripple effects that will eventually be felt throughout the system.
But the one relevant fact is that family life is not as strong here as it is in other European countries.
The relevant fact is that most Americans are far less homophobic than they thought they were supposed to be, and now they realize this.
358/2002, hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general, in supplementation of the Relevant Fact disclosed on July 08, 2011, that VRG Linhas Aereas S.
The incorporation of Amil Assistencia shares by Amilpar constitutes the second and last step of the corporate restructuring released in the relevant fact of April 13, 2010, turning Medial Saude S.
To access the Relevant Fact, visit our website at http://www.
What: Relevant Fact about the acquisition of Setin When: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 @ 10:00 AM EDT Where: http://prnewswire.
Offeror") disclosed an Announcement of a Relevant Fact in which it notified a revised offer from the one originally made in the "Notice of Tender Offer for Acquisition of Shares Issued by Perdigao S.