relevant fact

See: evidence
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It stressed on necessity of tackling content of the Kuwaiti memo and thrashing out the relevant fact, on the basis of mutual interests.
Total and complete disclosure, in light of the new policy, to include what anyone might later deem a relevant fact, appears now to be an absolute imperative.
The close of this period of exercise was approved by its board of directors at the meeting held on 21 December 2011 in pursuance of the relevant fact published on 7 December 2011 and the notice to the shareholders published on 22 December 2011.
Even when doctors were correct by today's standards of medical research, as in their arguments that alcoholism was a risk factor in the development of tuberculosis, Barnes argues that "[t]he perception of a connection, rather than the medical 'truth' of the connection, is the relevant fact here." (p.
They ignore the very basic, very obvious, and very relevant fact that the American people have exceedingly deep pockets when it comes to funding the arts.
The relevant fact is that one portion of an ecosystem cannot be degraded without creating ripple effects that will eventually be felt throughout the system.
However, I have concerns regarding the financing of this scheme and I wonder whether your readers, especially teachers, school governors and parents, realise the following relevant fact: when last I checked, for every pounds 1 received from the European Union Britain pays the EU pounds 2.70.
But the one relevant fact is that family life is not as strong here as it is in other European countries.
The relevant fact is that most Americans are far less homophobic than they thought they were supposed to be, and now they realize this.
Accordingly, the creation or increase of a potential reversion is not a relevant fact or circumstance in determining whether there has been a partial termination in a defined-contribution plan as a result of the cessation or reduction of benefit accruals.
Lawyers for Sam Rainsy have said the "acting president" of the Supreme Court-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) was looking forwarded to "having the relevant facts examined by an independent French court".
The Company will keep its shareholders and the general market informed, in accordance with the rules and time periods established by the applicable legislation, of any developments related to the subject-matter of this Material Fact notice and any other relevant facts in connection with the progress of the court-supervised reorganization case.