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A relevant instance is President Robert Mugabe's recent "sufferings" which seem no more than punishment for moral statements he had made that hit at the core of the agenda of the masters of the new world, but to which the world is rather fed the diversionary tale of "land grab".
The central scientific objectives of this project are therefore: (i) to identify fundamental mathematical principles behind overcoming the curse of dimensionality, (ii) to understand how these principles enter in relevant instances of the above applications, and (iii) based on the these principles beyond particular problem classes, to develop broadly applicable numerical strategies that benefit from such mechanisms.
They said the fact that Karo Kari and other relevant instances of Honour Killings continue to persist makes it necessary that all women legislators rise above their party difference for the joint cause of women empowerment and emancipation in the country.
To measure the quality of our expansion approach, we propose to answer the question: Are complementary objects relevant instances of the conceptual class defined by common objects?
Then complementary objects are considered, and human judges have to evaluate to which extent there terms are relevant instances of the concerned concept.
preventive medicine" or "successful cost reduction") may be revised as the researcher learns more about relevant instances.
The piece also noted that Jordan was a director for RJR Nabisco and that, in order to prevent any appearance of conflicts of interest when helping select health officials, "Jordan could [recuse] himself in the relevant instances or [resign] his directorship at Nabisco.
Partly to minimize any market confusion about the extent of, and rationale for, our moves, the Federal Reserve has announced each action and, in relevant instances, provided an explanation.
The advent of the Internet presented the company with the challenge of not only identifying relevant instances of trademark infringement online, but also ensuring TruServ's 7,000-plus retailers successfully leveraged the strength of the True Value name.