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Tags for individuals and vehicles to support tracking, identification, and targeting that operate reliably in urban environments and underground
The viscometer performed reliably and was accurate to within [+ or -]10% of the laboratory reference viscosity.
On-site transformer monitoring helps electric utilities manage their expensive transformer assets more reliably and operate them with a greater margin of safety, enabling them to minimize or delay the costs of repairing or replacing these valuable assets.
We intend to become the global leader in antimicrobial and disease prevention solutions that reliably and effectively kill germs.
Additionally, our Japanese language user interface delivers unmatched visibility and control to engineers in Japan seeking to reliably manage DWDM and fiber-optic connections.
SkyStream's SMR enables service providers to reliably and scalably deliver data and video through their DVB-based networks, transmitting content to remote and rural locations that lack the infrastructure needed to support advanced broadband and video services.
New Ruckus wireless multimedia products feature first-of-its-kind technology that makes it possible to reliably deliver high-quality video, audio, games and rich data anywhere throughout the home while extending the reach of Wi-Fi transmissions.
Red Bend's technology will allow LG Electronics to quickly, reliably and cost-effectively deliver firmware updates over the air to its most advanced mobile devices.
I believe PortAuthority Technologies, with its ability to reliably and accurately prevent information leaks, is well positioned to become the leader in this rapidly growing market category.
The Force10 E-Series delivers the superior performance and resiliency we need to build a scalable network that can reliably interconnect more than 200 providers at telx New York, transforming the Big APE into one of the largest peering exchanges in the United States.
The ability to reliably exchange messages between different services and applications, independent of vendor, platform or protocol, is a key requirement for the mainstream adoption of Web services for enterprise computing initiatives, including SOA," explained Eric Newcomer, CTO, IONA.

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