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AREA. An enclosed yard or opening in a house; an open place adjoining to a house. 1 Chit. Pr. 176.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(2) When the working face begins to undergo excavation, the rock area located away from the collapse column is transformed into a pressure relief area. However, with the advancement of the working face (i.e., the working face is 5 m away from the collapse column), the stress field near the working face begins to markedly affect the collapse column.
Offer easy-to-clean "relief areas" where dogs can be taken to do their business.
As a first approximation, to be verified after an accurate evaluation of the mass flux at the break, the minimum total relief area to avoid a peak pressure above 200 kPa (pressure limit for the integrity of the VV and ITER requirement) is 3.5 [m.sup.2] for a break of 0.053 [m.sup.2] and 7.2 [m.sup.2] for a break of 0.11 [m.sup.2].
As the melt bank passes the opening and enters the relief area of the diverter, it tends to sag back into the barrel due to the pull of gravity.
airports be required to establish service animal relief areas inside the sterile area of each airport concourse--to provide reasonable accommodation for passengers with disabilities.
Then came Mike Connor Ltd in Docklands, Gus Ashe, City Tote (embraced by Mecca Bookmakers, where he was a relief area manager), and the golden years when Bob Green, chief executive of Mecca, then chairman of William Hill, proved the driving force behind the creation of SIS.
Unlike other products, TheraPearl's ability to conform to the relief area even when fully frozen provides maximum analgesia and therapy by allowing the user to target exactly the right area for the doctor-recommended length of time, explains Baumwald.
American Airlines, a subsidiary of AMR Corp (NYSE:AMR) announced on Tuesday that it has installed a Pet Relief Area at the American Airlines Terminal at New York's John F.
Many institutions will pay a week of two of your salary if you volunteer in a relief area.
Knight has changed its breech plugs to work with Triple Seven pellets, redesigning the face of the plug with a convex shape to allow a relief area for the pressure created by the 209 primer to flow into without significantly disrupting the charge and bullet position.
Two MSC fleet replenishment oilers have been diverted to provide fuel to US Navy ships in the tsunami relief area. Additionally, two other supply ships are underway providing fuel and other supplies to Navy ships in the area and to activities ashore as needed.
In 2002 she returned as manager of Charlton Court and last year took on the added responsibility of relief area manager within the group.