relieve pressure

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It is now being rolled out to Shropshire where it is hoped it will relieve pressure on the county's hard-pressed emergency departments.
He pointed out that the coalition had responded to the pressure exercised by 12 international organizations following the closure of Sanaa International Airport in August 2016 and the opening of the airport in front of flights for organizations to relieve pressure on them and mislead the international community that the airport has been opened for all flights.
By KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter THIS is the first image of a new PS40m community hospital set to relieve pressure on emergency departments and deliver "up-to-date health care" in a modern setting.
Laminectomy - where a section of bone is removed from one of your vertebrae (spinal bones) to relieve pressure on the affected nerve
In his lead debate on the general principles of the Bill, its sponsor Hon Sergius Ogun said that the proposed legislation would relieve pressure on the environment and wildlife.
Addressing a seminar organized by Rawalpindi/Islamabad Tax bar Association here, the RCCI chief said the Tax Amnesty Scheme 2018 would relieve pressure on the economy by generating additional revenue for the government.
Swinney said: "The grant will help relieve pressure on families, reduce costs of living and remove the stress and stigma which can often be associated with struggling to afford essential school items."
The agency's analysts believe that current levels of oil prices relieve pressure on terms of trade in Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
It will help relieve pressure across the whole system from primary care through to hospital care and social services in Wales, for example enabling older people to leave hospital more quickly through the use of support packages where appropriate.
The Croatia central bank has purchased euros to relieve pressure on the kuna.
As for the second substation located in the Ashrafiyet Sahnaya area, the Minister said it cost SYP 3 billion and will help reduce outages outside rationing hours and relieve pressure on the Ashrafiyet Sahnaya and Hosh Blas substations.
The Defense Ministry said in a statement that the raid was carried out on one of the guesthouses and arresting a number of terrorists who were planning to carry out terrorist acts inside the city of Baghdad to relieve pressure on the elements of Daash in the city of Fallujah.