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After looking at him in silence for some moments, Dennis, who was greatly relieved to find him in this mood, drew the chair towards his rough couch and sat down near him--taking the precaution, however, to keep out of the range of his brawny arm.
The good soul was wide awake in a minute, and took the lead at once, assuring that there was no need to worry; every one had scarlet fever, and if rightly treated, nobody died, all of which Jo believed, and felt much relieved as they went up to call Meg.
"I'll go and tell Amy," said Meg, feeling a little hurt, yet rather relieved on the whole, for she did not like nursing, and Jo did.
But at the same time he was relieved. Imagined grief was more easy to bear than grief seen, and he was free now to love Mildred with all his soul.
With a mind inexpressibly relieved, good Doctor Allday asked permission to return to his patients: leaving Emily to devote herself to her friend's letter.
Sources said Nripendra Mishra, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister expressed his intention to be relieved of his assignment.
He said the officials were relieved pending results of the investigation of the capsizing of motorbancas Chi-Chi, Keziah, and Jenny Vince in the waters between Iloilo and Guimaras on Saturday, Aug.
Aside from Balba, also ordered relieved was Police Colonel Noel Flores as director of the Pasay City police.
The relieved officers are now assigned at the city police headquarters, said Sr.
Relieved were the police chiefs of Batac, Pinili, Carasi and Nueva Era in Ilocos Norte; Candon, Narvacan, Santa, Alilem, Salcedo and Sugpon in Ilocos Sur, and Santol, Burgos and San Gabriel in La Union.
John Karlovich relieved Robert Bond as program manager for the Ground Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) Program on Aug.
BEIRUT: Judge Samih al-Hajj, who was investigating the disappearance of Imam Musa Sadr, has been relieved of his duties, Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi said.