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A legal rule, tenet, theory, or principle. A political policy.

Examples of common legal doctrines include the clean hands doctrine, the doctrine of false demonstration, and the doctrine of merger.

The Monroe Doctrine, enunciated by President James Monroe on December 2, 1823, was an American policy to consider any aggression by a European country against any western hemisphere country to be a hostile act toward the United States.


noun belief, canon, credendum, credo, creed, dogma, formulated belief, gospel, maxim, philosophy, precept, principle, professed belief, rule, system, system of belief, teaching, teachings, tenet, univerral principle
Associated concepts: added risk doctrine, avoidable conseeuences doctrine, beneficial consideration doctrine, collateral source doctrine, cy pres doctrine, de facto doctrine, doctrine of abstention, doctrine of assumed risk, doctrine of avoidable consequences, doctrine of last clear chance, doctrine of recrimination, doctrine of relation back, doccrine of res judicata, doctrine of subrogation, doctrine of the law of the case, doctrine of unclean hands, doctrine of unjust enrichment, emergency doctrine, exclusive connrol doctrine, exhaustion of remedies doctrine, humanitarran doctrine, imminent peril doctrine, last clear chance, main purpose doctrine, res ipsa loquitur doctrine, rescue doctrine
See also: belief, codification, concept, conviction, directive, discipline, dogma, idea, persuasion, platform, policy, precept, prescription, principle, rule, theory, thesis
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128) Religious doctrine questions are, it is thought, too tricky or specialized for them to tackle.
AU's letter asserts that the bill, which has more than 50 cosponsors in the House of Representatives, violates the rights of South Carolinians who adopt different religious doctrines of when human life begins.
If religious doctrine prohibits drinking, dancing, divorce, or using birth control, employees can be summarily fired for any of these "offenses.
C]ivil marriage must be judged under our constitutional standards of equal protection and not under religious doctrines or the religious views of individuals," observed the court in its Varnum u.
His view that civil-marriage law should reflect religious doctrine is not in keeping with the Constitution.
Rationalizing this gross callousness in the face of so much misery depends heavily on the obscene religious doctrine that suffering ennobles and humbles the unworthy soul before God.
The appellate division ruled 3-1 that the dispute "cannot be decided by application of neutral principles of law" and "would necessarily involve impermissible inquires into religious doctrine and the Congregation's membership requirements.
Despite the fact that this theory is widely held by virtue of its fixture into popular piety and religious doctrine, it must be seen to have one major flaw: it is rationally incoherent and therefore cannot be seriously believed by anyone willing to consider its implications.
Intelligent design" is nothing more, nor less, than a religious doctrine.
Since there no longer exists any secular justification for the traditional moral prohibition against homosexuality, the Georgia statute in effect imposes a religious doctrine on its citizens.
The committee's reply, moreover, stated that "it is clear that intelligent design promotes a particular religious doctrine over mainstream religious views.
The renewal school, in direct contrast, argues that religious doctrine itself should be updated, and even corrected.