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A day of recreation; a consecrated day; a day set apart for the suspension of business.

A legal holiday is a day set aside by statute for recreation, the cessation of work, or religious observance. It is a day that is legally designated as exempt from the conduct of all judicial proceedings, Service of Process, and the demand and protest of Commercial Paper. A prohibition against conducting public business transactions on holidays does not, however, have an effect upon private business. Private transactions will not, therefore, be invalidated solely because they are conducted on a holiday.


noun celebration, day of festivities, day off, dies festus, feriae, festival, fête, furlough, gala, jubilee, leave, leisure, lull, recess, rest, time off, vacation
Associated concepts: general holiday, legal holiday
See also: absence, furlough, leave, remembrance
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Teachers may explain the meaning of religious holidays but may not recognize such holidays with religious observances in the classroom or in any mandated teaching situation.
Cheveralls, acknowledging many e-mails from residents questioning the new plan, pointed out a section in school policies that says: "The observance of religious holidays is not the responsibility of the public schools.
Madnick, executive director of the Central Massachusetts chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said the issue of school calendars and religious holidays hasn't been hotly debated for years because school systems have made accommodations.
Both houses of the New Jersey legislature have voted to pass a bill that would stop elections from being held on religious holidays.
But, she said, the law does allow objective teaching about religious holidays to enhance the learning experience of students in a pluralistic society.
Rather than add more days off, the board voted to retain the end-of-the-year break, which is a logical way to divide school semesters, but cancel the other religious holidays.
This is the meaning of religious holiday, said Gul who performed his Eid al-Adha religious holiday prayer in Ulu Mosque in the eastern province of Van on Sunday.
Pressley resigned after allegations were reported in The Washington Post that he had urged a private business sponsoring a city marathon on a religious holiday to make a donation to the city's planned religious awards ceremony.
The number of messages sent on a single day by SMS reached a maximum level of approximately 31 million on December 27, 2000, which was the first day of the Turkish religious holiday and 30 million on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2000.
November 06 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz celebrated Eid al-Adha religious holiday in capital Sarajevo of Bosnia-Herzegovina on Sunday.
Valencia football coach Brian Stiman said he tried to switch this week's football game at Oxnard from Friday to Thursday, as two other Foothill League teams (Hart and Saugus) both play Thursday this week because of a religious holiday.
Ganulin said he disagrees with the lower court, which held that although Christmas is a religious holiday, the government's reason for observing it can be secular.

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