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A day of recreation; a consecrated day; a day set apart for the suspension of business.

A legal holiday is a day set aside by statute for recreation, the cessation of work, or religious observance. It is a day that is legally designated as exempt from the conduct of all judicial proceedings, Service of Process, and the demand and protest of Commercial Paper. A prohibition against conducting public business transactions on holidays does not, however, have an effect upon private business. Private transactions will not, therefore, be invalidated solely because they are conducted on a holiday.

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In 2011, District 73.5 reversed its prescriptive policy detailing what teachers could and could not do when school was open for a major religious holiday that yielded a significant number of student absences.
From a Jewish perspective, particularly because we're very strict - you're not allowed to work on a religious holiday - it's difficult for people.
parents quarreling, masks (tainted by association with Halloween), life on other planets (if the implication of evolution can be made), blizzards, hunting, gangs, ghosts, junk bonds, Christmas (or other religious holiday celebrations), abortion.
Two new reports challenge the idea, which has been promoted in a series of high-profile studies, that elderly people suffering from serious physical illnesses can prolong their lives just long enough to experience a personally meaningful event, such as a birthday or a religious holiday.
Toy assault rifles and machine guns, tanks and bomber planes joined space-age ray guns alongside chocolate coated eggs and jellybeans in a bizarre combination of commercialism, religious holiday and war aimed at an age group that is already traumatized by world events.
A state prisoner brought a pro se [section] 1983 action against a prison chaplain, alleging that the chaplain violated his First Amendment right to freely exercise his religion by intentionally interfering with the prisoner's ability to observe a religious holiday. The district court held that the prisoner's allegations stated a claim for violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment and [section] 1983.
Chavez's plan would be good--if teachers were all Christian or got days off for every religious holiday; if teachers were all single, without children (and never needed a holiday); and, of course, if teachers never got sick.
Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed Thursday to a six-day cease-fire in observance of a religious holiday.
Celebrants are quick to emphasize that Kwanzaa is not "Black Christmas," nor is it a religious holiday. But the steady increase in the number of people and groups celebrating Kwanzaa has given rise to what some fear is the beginning of a troubling trend--the mainstream commercialization of the holiday.
'I want you to strengthen and nurture family and relationships with your friends and neighbors for this great religious holiday. One of the universal messages of Eid al-Adha is the joy of sharing and the richness of interpersonal relationships through the power of forgiveness, reconciliation and living together.
Nor will we be removing our posts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Palm Sunday, Passover or any other religious holiday. We support the First Amendment, and are happy to provide copies of the Constitution to anyone who hasn't read it."
Each year the country is subjected to the frustrating exercise of 'moon sightings' by religious clerics wielding unmerited power to decide when the nation observes a certain religious holiday. The Ruet-e-Hilal committee, through its controversial chairman Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman, relentlessly holds the citizenry hostage for hours multiple times a year making them go through the ordeal of waiting on him and his men who have a rudimentary knowledge of astronomy and who rely on dated technology to- sometimes till midnight- decide whether or not the following day is a holiday or not.

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