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a kind of religious mania)." (14) Alison Chapman concurs with Jan Marsh in believing it "likely that the contemporary diagnosis of the mysterious illness, which W.
Now, I'm afraid, the righteous cause of supervisory communication has taken on dangerous overtones of religious mania for too many organizational communicators.
From the time he was twenty - four, Cowper suffered from a religious mania and was subject to fits of despair -- he was convinced that he was excluded from salvation -- and intermittent attacks of insanity.
The family all thought that Jimmy had succumbed to religious mania, but three days after he started reading the book, he was playing football in the field at the back of Kensington Library when he leapt to head the ball - and shot 20-odd feet into the air.
It's not clear whether there really is such a thing as "Jerusalem syndrome," the religious mania that supposedly afflicts some visitors to Jerusalem.
RELIGIOUS mania, small town suspicion and the innocence of children make a heady mix in this pumped-up Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical.
Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntington and was a puritan suffering religious mania.
Amanda, who benefits from Shannon Burkett's eerie otherworldliness, is the creepy one, a fundamentalist crusader who has twisted her rage against her mother into religious mania.
Other old faces followed suit, including Adam Chance (Tony Adams) who was killed in a fire which he started in a fit of religious mania, while hotel owner Jill Harvey - played by fellow original cast member Jill Rossington - also met with an untimely death.
In a bizarre plot twist I can reveal that the smooth-talking rogue, played by TONY ADAMS, dies in a fire which he starts in a fit of religious mania.

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