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The tele-faithful not only recognize the religious offerings of the broadcaster, but by means of their Catholic identity they need to share their tele-related religious stories, which they can count on in the media form.
Chhath is celebrated on the sixth and seventh days after Diwali, and is significant for married women who observe a three-day fast and present religious offerings to the Sun God while standing in knee-deep water.
Temple priest Pandit Vishal Baba said Bhils looted the religious offerings, and suggested that this was a traditional practice.
The ivory stock was publicly destroyed at the Galle Face Green in Colombo, with religious offerings to mark the unnecessary sacrifice of those elephants.
The ivory stock will be publicly destroyed, with religious offerings to mark the unnecessary sacrifice of those elephants.
This was the terse message by the National Green Tribunal on Tuesday as it ordered a slew of measures, including a fine of ` 5,000 for throwing religious offerings in the river and ` 50,000 for dumping construction debris in it.
From religious offerings to personal adornment, tropical flowers are intrinsic to the Asian lifestyle.
Long queues of people wait with assortment of religious offerings such as incense sticks, red vermilion and flowers.
Egyptian tombs depicted images of people consuming onions or using them as religious offerings.
As it spread from Greece to other part of Europe, first via the Romans using it for various occasions such as religious offerings and good long storable source of energy for the soldiers at war, the method changed slightly as we noticed the introduction of beaten eggs in the mixture, slowly resulting in the fading of the yeast cake flour-based method.
Three solemn works by Poulenc (1899-1963) were interesting foils to Victoria's 17th century religious offerings.