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The bill also specifies that the church annulment decree shall be recorded in the appropriate civil registries together with the agreement of the spouses required in the preceding section within 30 days from issuance of the church annulment decree subject to the conditions that may be imposed by the church or religious sect.
It further provides that the final judgment of annulment issued by the proper church or religious sect shall be recorded in the appropriate civil registry within 30 days from its issuance.
Manama, Mar 17 (BNA): The General Director of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security announced today the arrest of two individuals for posting a video on social media that denigrates a religious sect in Bahrain.
15PM Jack Falahee and Haley Lu Richardson act like Romeo and Juliet in a religious sect run like an Amish settlement with cellphones.
More recently, terrorists from the "Islamic State" group slaughtered hundreds of ethnic Kurds from the Yazidi religious sect as they attempt to expand their control into the Kurdish autonomous zone in northern Iraq, amid fierce clashes with Kurdish Peshmerga forces.
Speaking on the occasion, the leaders said that after the passage of law in 2002 no any religious sect is allowed to construct any mosque or religious seminary in the most populated area of other sect.
THE primary school infiltrated by a hardline US religious sect will get a new headteacher today.
Summary: Hezbollah denounced the killing of a Shiite spiritual leader in Egypt and several others Monday after an unprecedented attack targeting the religious sect.
New sect suppressed: Security forces have arrested 11 women for forming their own religious sect called Erfan-e Kayhani (Universal Mysticism).
Channel 4 begins a season of Indian films this week, including this drama about a penniless teenager who falls in with a suspicious religious sect.
But while co-star Robson Green totted up primetime show after show, Jerome barely featured on the radar - even turning his back on acting to join a religious sect.
The treatment of disregarded entities as the employer has also meant that services performed by a member of a qualifying religious sect for a disregarded entity wholly owned by another member of the qualifying religious sect could not qualify for the exception because, as a corporation, the entity cannot be considered a member of a qualifying religious sect.

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