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New sect suppressed: Security forces have arrested 11 women for forming their own religious sect called Erfan-e Kayhani (Universal Mysticism).
Channel 4 begins a season of Indian films this week, including this drama about a penniless teenager who falls in with a suspicious religious sect.
The treatment of disregarded entities as the employer has also meant that services performed by a member of a qualifying religious sect for a disregarded entity wholly owned by another member of the qualifying religious sect could not qualify for the exception because, as a corporation, the entity cannot be considered a member of a qualifying religious sect.
The Orthodox plan implies that each citizen would vote for the candidate representing his/her religious sect.
With an eye on Nadar votes, she is slated to visit Kanniyakumari on Januray 6 for an event connected with ' Ayya Vaikunda Swamy', a local religious sect which came into existence as a protest against Brahminacal orthodoxy.
Melbourne, Jan 12 (ANI): The Australian Government has given more than 70 million dollars to schools run by the Exclusive Brethren, a religious sect Prime Minister Kevin Rudd described as an "extremist cult" that breaks up families.
Which religious sect was founded by George Fox of Leicestershire, around 1652?
A South Korean court yesterday sentenced Jung Myung-seok, the leader of a fringe religious sect, to six years in jail for raping female followers, a court official said.
An Indonesian Muslim group is planning to file a lawsuit against the government saying it is undermining religious freedoms by deciding to impose special curbs on a minority religious sect condemned as "deviant" by some protesters.
religious sect House Of Yahweh, which predicted the end of the world in a nuclear holocaust on Tuesday, moved into underground bunkers on Wednesday despite not a lot happening.
And if it happens to be a gigantic stone circle that was used for seasonal rituals by an ancient religious sect, so be it.
Meek's novel takes place in 1919 in Siberia and follows a renegade Czech army unit that is left stranded in a community dominated by a religious sect, The Guardian reported.

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