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A controversy reportedly arose recently in a Newton (Massachusetts) high school when a student refused to read passages from a religious text as an assignment because he was an atheist.
All that the creationist view offers is the assertion by would-be authorities that an ancient religious text reveals that some 10,000 years ago God created the world in six days.
Gorakhpur, May 10 (ANI): A Muslim in Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur area has acquired big popularity for his inclination to sing praises of Lord Rama from Ramayana, the religious text of Hindus, with utter devotion.
Prior to Ellison, other House members had taken the oath on different religious texts, including Jewish scriptures, and when members are officially sworn in en masse, they don't use any religious text at all.
The court held that the policy of limiting prisoners to possession of twelve books, plus one dictionary and one thesaurus and the primary religious text for their declared religion, did not violate the prisoner's First Amendment or Equal Protection rights.
Reading regime" is her way of designating the specific style in which a women's group, shaped by personal as well as socio-economic desires and constraints, enacts a canonical religious text.
In the ceremonial photo ops undertaken later, representatives may use any religious text they choose--or none at all.
Even many Christians have objections to government-sponsored Commandments displays, arguing that the state has no business co-opting a sacred religious text for its own ends.
The display, which was erected 82 years ago, featured the Protestant version of the religious text.
After taking office, Moore initially balked at the idea of bringing the religious text into the main courtroom of the state Supreme Court.
13, 2000, decision, the appellate panel insisted that government display of the religious text violates the constitutional separation of church and state, suggesting that some faith traditions are officially favored.
3rd Circuit Court of Appeals said that the elementary school has no obligation to permit a student to read from a religious text to a captive audience of children.

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