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When the cold weather came on she knitted him wristlets, which he always religiously wore from the house and pocketed immediately thereafter.
But that which was worth all the rest, she bred them up very religiously, being herself a very sober, pious woman, very house- wifely and clean, and very mannerly, and with good behaviour.
This was merely how she had heard the groan, and what had afterwards passed, and how she had obtained leave for the remains to be placed in that sweet, fresh, empty store-room of the mill from which they had just accompanied them to the churchyard, and how the last requests had been religiously observed.
Certainly,' Isaac List struck in, 'if this good lady as keeps the wax-works has money, and does keep it in a tin box when she goes to bed, and doesn't lock her door for fear of fire, it seems a easy thing; quite a Providence, I should call it--but then I've been religiously brought up.
He did not remember him at all, but he had been told about his little brother, and whenever he visited the graveyard he used religiously and reverently to cross himself and to bow down and kiss the little grave.
Samuels, of Duffield Drive, Tottenham, was sentenced to 16 weeks imprisonment at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court after previously admitting racially and religiously aggravated harassment.
The change in policy would still permit religiously chartered organizations to continue not doing so, and some key sponsors say their continued support would hinge on that caveat.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Racially or religiously aggravated harassment crimes increased from a total of 15,249 to 17,605 between 2012 and 2014, a report said.
05 ( ANI ): A Washington based American think tank has published an index, which has reportedly ranked Pakistan among the least religiously diverse countries in a religiously diverse Asian region.
Non-profit, religiously affiliated organizations are not harmed by a government accommodation that allows their employees to receive no-cost contraceptive coverage from a third party, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and its allies told a federal court recently.
The problem started when two foreign workers (Egyptian and British) tore a religiously oriented flags that stirred the "wrath" of the people.
It really can make a difference but a) you need to slap it on religiously if you want smoother thighs and b) you need to KEEP slapping it on religiously if you want 'em to stay that way.