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Five minutes later Mark Albrighton worked room on the left and his inswinging cross was headed in by Dubidat to give the hosts a lead they would never relinguish.
As he emphatically says in Christifideles laici, on 'the vocation and mission of the Lay Faithful in the Church and the World: 'In order to achieve their task directed to the Christian animation of the temporal order, in the sense of serving persons and society, the lay faithful are never to relinguish their participation in 'public life".
Akande has talked about the $17-billion merger and why the airlines have accorded to relinguish space at key airports.
In particular the Act of Free Choice, a plebiscite that was held in 1969 and by which the Indonesian government asserts that the population of West New Guinea decided to relinguish their sovereignty in favour of Indonesian citizenship, features prominently as the epitome of the denial of sovereignty to Papuans (Saltford 2002; Drooglever 2005).
and to relinguish [sic] such causes if they only discovered this after
The English champion is Eric Ochieng and he has defended it twice and now there is a chance he will relinguish it to aim for higher things.
However, if we approach politics as becoming, as an emergence, we can relinguish this image.
Localness should not be created in a manner so as to relinguish all central coordination and control.
National governments have been unwilling to relinguish control of former state enterprises even when they fail to produce.
Savill, worth a reported pounds 40million, waived his chairman's salary of pounds 40,000 and will relinguish his presidency of the Racehorse Owners' Association.
Noranda will relinguish its mineral rights at Henderson Mountain, turning them over to the U.
This type of cooperation was also very unique from another perspective; that is, the government knowledge of when to relinguish and loosen this partnership has preserved the free-market mechanisms at work and avoided the disastrous results arising from protectionism.