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Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial said that the full bench which had issued the orders had expected that president would relinquish one of his offices, but that did not happen.
favored the relinquish of nuclear energy against 22 percent who said they
A government lawyer Tuesday said that Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf would relinquish the office of army chief after reelection as president for another five years term.
He will relinquish his role as Commercial Director for the IASC Foundation.
Straub suggests that teachers can never fully relinquish control in the commentary they make--it is omnipresent.
Los Angeles' neighborhood councils can become a source of change, growth and investment in their respective communities, but only if city leaders are willing to relinquish some power to them.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Kern River Gas Transmission Company announced today an open season to determine interest for firm year-round transportation service to Utah, Nevada or California and to determine existing shippers' interest to relinquish capacity.
If there is still a state of war, can Israel afford to relinquish control of strategic areas?
A Catholic missionary firmly stated that the Church will not relinquish its "evangelizing mission" in Burma, where it is "close to the poor, those who suffer, and the oppressed" (Zenit, Jan.
Faust will relinquish his position as chief, Trade and Financial Studies Section.
But it had to relinquish the Dhofar concession and changed its name to PDO.
If the merger is not completed by March 31, Capital has agreed to relinquish its rights of first and last offer to acquire the ILM II communities and to reduce the termination fees payable to the company under certain limited circumstances.