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Musharraf, told a nine-member bench of Supreme Court that Musharraf would relinquish the office of army chief before taking the oath of office if he is reelected as president.
But understanding this perspective requires teachers (especially those who tend toward appropriation) to answer some difficult questions: If such a thing is possible, are we willing to relinquish complete control?
Mr Levett said: ' Having overseen the demutualisation, listing and the first two years of operation as a listed company the time is right for me to relinquish the role of chief executive.
The premise of the model is that a woman with an unintended pregnancy faces three options: to abort the pregnancy, to relinquish the infant for adoption, or to keep the infant.
Jones takes us into their lives as they make their painful choice to relinquish their children and then follows their almost invariably traumatic relations with birthfathers, medical personnel, adoption agencies, relatives, friends, and, later, spouses.
MPA from Sargodha, Sialwi also urged all his followers to relinquish PMLN's membership and urged his followers to relinquish from all government's offices.
However, they would have to relinquish their foreign nationality before they take oath as a lawmaker.
called on the North Korean government to relinquish nuclear arms in order to
The cleric does not relinquish his or her orders/ ordination.
Another costly election where every councillor would relinquish their seat and start again?