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We are delighted to introduce Schlumberger into Meridja and the relinquished area(s) whilst also securing a full carry on the forthcoming seismic programme.
However, in order to defer capital gain, IRC [section] 1031 requires an "exchange" of property, so the investor may not own the Relinquished and Replacement Property at the same time.
One requirement for a deferred like-kind exchange is that the taxpayer must not actually or constructively receive the proceeds from the sale of the relinquished property prior to investing the proceeds in the replacement property.
The highest percentage of newborns relinquished in Illinois were white, at 42 percent.
If the depreciation period and/or method previously used for the relinquished and replacement property are the same, the replacement property is depreciated using the same period and/or method.
Buckley relinquished his licence in August after admitting to having had a "disastrous year".
The Kevin Ryan-trained runner had three lengths to spare over What Katie Did at the line, with 5-2 favourite Relinquished back in third.
FIDEL Castro, who took control of Cuba in 1959, temporarily relinquished his presidential powers to his younger brother Raul last night because of surgery.
Under section 1031(h)(2)(B), this determination is made, with respect to the relinquished property, by looking at its predominant use in the two-year period ending on the date of the relinquishment and, in the case of the replacement property, by reference to the two-year period beginning on the date of its acquisition.
While the MIT announcement was met with some skepticism and even more cynicism, MIT has never relinquished its position of leadership.
Exchanger must purchase replacement property before the sale of the relinquished property; and