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Writing from a feminist perspective, using powerful, in-depth interviews with birth mothers, Kelly provides information about how they experienced the pregnancy and relinquishment.
Though he did not succeed in the land lottery, in which filers' names were drawn at random for allotments, he did purchase a relinquishment (a sale of a claim originally acquired through the land lottery) later that year and settled on it in 1905.
After purchasing a relinquishment, he settles into improving his property and begins searching for a suitable--that is, black--wife.
Eden, like his counterparts Devereaux and Baptiste, begins his accumulations with his own quarter-section relinquishment.
Under terms of the revocations and permanent relinquishments, Brandon J.
Under terms of the revocation and permanent relinquishments, William R.
Most municipal shelters do not house animals for more than four days, and many "no-kill" shelters are too overwhelmed to take all owner relinquishments.
The Guaduas Association Contract was acquired from a third party company in May 1998, and provides generally for a two-year exploration phase followed by a 10- year production period with no relinquishments.
This original CoW has been reduced to its present size through compulsory relinquishments, after preliminary investigation for mineral concentration.