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Monson laughed heartily; so heartily, indeed, as to prove how much he relished the success of his scheme.
This proposition was evidently but little relished by any of the listeners, even the negro feeling the evil excitement of the chances.
She was too indolent even to accept a mother's gratification in witnessing their success and enjoyment at the expense of any personal trouble, and the charge was made over to her sister, who desired nothing better than a post of such honourable representation, and very thoroughly relished the means it afforded her of mixing in society without having horses to hire.
Mademoiselle Noemie evidently relished her situation, and had no desire to bring her public interview with her striking-looking patron to a close.
We occasioned the greatest excitement on board all - an excitement greatly relished by ourselves, and especially by our two men, who, now under the influence of a dram of Geneva, seemed resolved to give all scruple, or fear, to the wind.
It was rather that he relished, with a quizzical amusement, the completeness of their mutual comprehension.
The traveller's ambition to tell was not theirs, and, with dumb impassivity, they dismissed experiences which they did not value for the immediate incidents of this homely upland--the trivial movements of the two girls in disturbing the clods with their hackers so as to uncover something or other that these visitants relished as food.