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But the one moment that I relived and can never forget was when I had no money to buy any equipment.
Circus keeper Nigel Wesson last night relived the terror of watching a Chipperfield tiger eat his arm.
Plenty of comics have relived their ups and downs, but few have done it in such compelling fashion.
Eight days of grueling and tedious testimony was presented, homosexuality was scrutinized, and the 1992 campaign relived.
As UCF's longtime television partner, we immediately wanted to secure the replay rights to this game so that it could be relived by fans statewide.
I must have relived that shot against Les some 30 times and each time I relived it, I got the shot
The Styx and REO Speedwagon `Battle of the Bands' tour this summer was an overwhelming success and the fans rediscovered and relived the magic of these classic rockers," said Tom Lipsky, president of Sanctuary Records Group.
Elvis Correa relived Burnside and struck out the next two batters.
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling also includes multiple camera views and an instant replay function with slow motion so every strike, split, and spare can be relived.