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TO REFRESH. To reexamine a subject by having a reference to something connected with it.
     2. A witness has a right to examine a memorandum or paper which he made in relation to certain facts, when the same occurred, in order to refresh his memory, but the paper or memorandum itself is not evidence. 5 Wend. 301; 12 S. & R. 328; 6 Pick. 222; 1 A. K. Marsh. 188; 2 Conn. 213. See 1 Rep. Const. Ct. 336, 373, 423.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said prepaid card reloads were clearly exempted from the list of consumer goods and services under the new SST regime that was introduced on September 1.
Ventplac reloaded 30.000 tons in January this year, down by 13.000 tons year-on-year.
InComm said Walmart's Rapid Reload serves a multitude of GPR cards and prepaid programs, empowering millions of customers with the ability to reload their cards with a simple swipe directly at the register, eliminating the need for a multi-step process of purchase and subsequent redemption of a separate reload pack.
Ahmed Husain, managing director of Reload Consulting Services, said: "We are delighted to be making this announcement today, which widens the access as well as the range of the world-class information security services that we offer businesses in Bahrain and the GCC."
The company is offering its players a chance to reload their accounts and receive up to 100 percent, for a maximum amount of USD5,000, in a reload bonus on the deposits made by them.
Mobile software solutions provider Sicap and Swiss telecoms provider Swisscom announced on Tuesday the successful launch of an in-store reload kiosk for prepaid subscribers.
Additionally, the atraumatic curved tip can be used for blunt dissection and to manipulate tissues while positioning the reload before firing.
Though Palin's speech on Monday night to the Safari Club in Reno was closed press, the Reno Gazette-Journal's David Jacobs claimed that Palin avoided using the "reload" phrase from her routine, telling the audience of hunters "don't retreat, stand tall" - a shift from her now infamous and well-known "don't retreat, reload" line that played on a loop on cable in the after the Tucson shooting.
The new 25-acre site initially consists of two 100,000-square-foot warehouses connected by rail spurs and a 10-acre finished goods reload facility designed to load up to five railcars and 10 trucks at a time.
And while I don't want to deliver a sermon, I do hope this loss is a wake-up call for you: Always store CD key codes in a safe place; the loss of a code could mean the loss of the application if you need to reload it.
The rapid global rollouts of summer f/x extravaganzas "X2" (aka"X2: X-Men United)" and "The Matrix Reloaded" have produced some dazzling debut numbers overseas.