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RELOCATION, Scotch law, contracts. To let again to renew a lease, is called a relocation.
     2. When a tenant holds over after the expiration of his lease, with the consent of his landlord, this will amount to a relocation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The proposal to relocate Dryden House is subject to further approval by the RNIB's policy and resources committee next Wednesday.
Deletes text that is obsolete or duplicative of FAR policy; and relocates procedures for documenting reasons for use of other than full and open competition to PGI.
Relocates procedural text on risk-pooling insurance arrangements and requests for waiver of overseas workers' compensation requirements to PGI.
The displaced families who have been identified to be relocated to the Omar property in Rio Hondo may relocate to the Vida Vista property if they wish to avail of the housing units, he said.
Unfortunately, after passage of 3 years, the city managers have only failed to relocate the model, but sources also claimed that parts of the model are now not in a position to be reused due to negligence of concerned formations of the CDA and MCI.
Summary: More than six out of 10 residents want to relocate from the UAE or their home country to a foreign country for better education for their ch...
The Sarawak State Assembly tonight called on the state government to stand firm against any move to relocate the principal registry of the High Court in Sabah and Sarawak from here to Kota Kinabalu.
The owners of entertainment centres in Olakha inThimphu are yet to relocate their business to theurban core, despite the Thimphu Thromde askingthem to do so.According to the Thomdre's notification issuedin January, entertainment centres should relocateto the urban core by December - Chang Lam,Phenday Lam and Norzin Lam.It was decided to relocate entertainmentcentres away from residential areas during the firstEntertainment Licensing Committee meeting heldon October 26, 2018.Meanwhile, there are four entertainmentcentres comprising a discotheque and threekaraoke hubs in Olakha.The owners of entertainment centres say theyhave not been able to relocate because of hugeinvestment already made into their business.
A former Anakpawis Party-list congressman, Hicap said fishermen living along the coast of Manila Bay will be severely affected by the plan to relocate squatter residents.
'For the families who agreed to relocate voluntarily, the authority needs to demonstrate why they had to move while better-off families who own fish farms remain."
Following the relocation of their neighbors, more ISFs, scheduled to relocate next week, are looking forward to their new homes, saying that the relocation project is a chance for them to escape their polluted environment and finally start anew.