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Berryman said relocated Cabrini residents should be able to vote in council elections because returning residents must be screened and approved by a committee that includes LAC members.
Mikutis has relocated to Denver from Chicago, where she held senior relationship banking and credit underwriting positions with the company for the past decade.
The tree would not be able to handle the stress of a two-lane road, and we are confident the tree can be relocated successfully and thrive in a new location.
A number of them have already relocated,'' Burns said.
She relocated to South Florida in 1979 and is currently the managing broker and a franchisee of an international real estate company.
In addition, companies that relocated to the area a number of years back are now expanding within the county, and we expect this trend to continue.
com relocated its grocery delivery business to another Camarillo site, containing 31,000 square feet.
Subway, CVS and the YMCA Center for Child Development--all current tenants in the Worcester Common Outlet Mall--will be relocated to nearby locations.
Residents will pay a comparable rent at the homes to which they'll be relocated.
Sheerin Corporation, an insurance services firm which is a long-time Three Park Avenue tenant, relocated to the 29th floor taking 3,400 square feet.
In support of this growth, the company opened a new sales and support office in Minneapolis, MN and relocated its India-based development operations.
PHOTO (1--Color in Simi Edition only) City planners in Simi Valley want to preserve mature trees, such as these at the intersection of Cochran Street and Madera Road that were relocated.