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Pascua said that her daughter will be relocated next week along with her husband and one-year-old son.
The sources said that the oppressive and discriminatory attitude showed by the local militants towards the newcomers had been the root cause of the return of the relocated gunmen's family members to al-Tal.
Sedgwick Ave., was emptied in the late 1990s and demolished in 2000, Berryman was relocated along with the other residents.
The termination (relocation) plan specifically identifies the number of acquired employees to be terminated (relocated), their job classifications or functions and their locations.
A landowner would receive credit for each bird relocated. After accumulating enough credits, the landowner could harvest trees, including woodpecker habitat.
As another part of the renovation plan, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and the arts and crafts area, which had been on the lower level, were relocated to the second-floor convent area.
The deputy governor said those who reside on floating houses in the area of Chhong Kos in Kampong Chhnang town; Chhlok Truo commune in Baribour district; Koh Tkov and Peam Chhork communes in Cholkiri district; Seb and Ta Ches communes in Kampong Tralach and Kampong Leang districts must be relocated to Rolea P'ier district's Svay Chhrum commune.
When people wanting to move there consider where within the municipality they should reside, however, they have found it difficult to obtain information on different locations, which at times has led to a low level of satisfaction among those who relocated.
Van; Brune & Richard; Burchman, Terrio et A1.; and M&R Strategic expanded their leases and Vera Institute of Justice relocated and expanded.
Over 400 households comprising 1,160 residents, have relocated within Regent Park, to neighbouring TCHC communities or to other communities in the city.
With many of its members relocated or otherwise struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Chapter is solidering on.
The relocated text contains procedures for use by contracting officers in obtaining tax relief and duty-free import privileges for acquisitions conducted in Spain and the United Kingdom.