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Any expenses it bore conferred taxable benefits to the relocating employees, in which ordinary deductions were available under Sec.
Air Liquide America is relocating its corporate center to Houston, TX.
An individual who sells a principal residence when relocating outside the United States may have up to four years to purchase (or build) and occupy a new principal residence to defer the gain on the former residence's sale; the normal 24-month period for investing in a new home may be frozen for up to two years after the date of the former residence's sale.
Such permits generally provide that if the pipeline interferes with the use of the right-of-way, the permit holder is responsible for any costs associated with relocating the pipeline.
Prudential Relocation, which also operates as Pricoa Relocation in Europe and Asia, has the global capabilities to offer clients a variety of services in connection with the relocation of their employees, including coordination of intra- and inter-country relocations, intercultural training, global business consulting, assistance in locating a home at the relocating employee's destination, global household goods moving services and a variety of relocation policy and group move consulting services.
Nicknamed "the Marshall Plan," the legislation calls for significant sales and tax breaks for businesses relocating to lower Manhattan, in addition to the allocation of $3.
The LAUSD already announced last month that it's relocating the music building at University High School in Los Angeles, after learning that the room sat atop of the Santa Monica Fault.
According to Thonis, Verizon will begin relocating roughly 1500 of its employees at 1095 to 140 West Street by the end of 2005.
However, Quigley and other environmentalists, including the Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment, contend that relocating the oak could kill it.
The first phase consists of relocating its Richmond, California painting and metal coating lines to Shreveport, Louisiana.
S & G Fine Chair Collection: This 12-employee firm is relocating from the Gowanus area to occupy 16,000 s/f at the Navy Yard.