reluctant to punish

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Inside Israel the Jewish terrorist groups have long been involved in firebombing Palestinian homes and properties almost with impunity since the successive Zionist governments have been reluctant to punish their own criminals.
David Cameron said nothing "should be off the table" but Germany is reported to be reluctant to punish a country which provides a third of its gas supplies.
Officers tend to live close to each other and socialise together and were reluctant to punish colleagues, and MANY officers viewed with contempt staff whose job was to improve and educate inmates.
Critics of the sanctions have noted that previous penalties have not worked because there has not been international cooperation behind them or because Washington has been reluctant to punish companies from countries with close ties to the United States.
External factors, not leadership errors, are creating the trouble for companies, so companies are reluctant to punish CEOs for things that are largely out of their control," said John A.
Mowbray's second complaint was Rennie's failure to dismiss Geoff Horsfield following his elbow on Paul McShane and he also claimed that the referee was too reluctant to punish a series of niggly Leicester tackles.
Many dog owners are (with good reason) reluctant to punish hard enough to be effective, so they give ineffective corrections or mildly effective ones.
Dellapenna reasonably posits that English courts had begun to ascribe lesser penalties for abortions resulting in still births in order to obtain convictions from juries reluctant to punish the mother with death.
Even when cases reach the courts, judges are sometimes reluctant to punish.
Police officers are frustrated with the convoluted process needed for each Asbo and say some people may be so reluctant to punish one individual that they forget how an entire community would benefit.
English fans have a reputation for causing trouble -and although European football's governing body would be reluctant to punish the team over something for which they are not responsible, Sven-Goran Eriksson's men would face the consequences if there were serious problems.
REF WATCH DOUGIE MCDONALD has come in for stick of late for dishing out too many cards but he was reluctant to punish anyone yesterday.