rely upon

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It means additional delays in providing the levels of service that system users rely upon, and which they and taxpayers in every MBTA host community pay for.
Examples of industries that rely upon morning deliveries include healthcare laboratories that want to receive specimens quickly to process patients' test results faster; professional service companies, like legal and financial firms, that depend on urgent documents; manufacturers of parts that are needed for urgent repairs; and high tech companies that need to repair mobile devices rapidly so their customers don't lose connectivity.
If the Government feels the state pension or self-provided pension is adequate for the majority of this country's citizens, why does it provide such generous (compared to state and self-funded) pensions to state workers and rely upon the majority to pay for the minority?
The majority of council tax and income taxpayers are not local government or central government employees and therefore have to either scrimp and save to provide their own pension for retirement (and be victimised by the taxman and DSS upon retirement) or rely upon the wholly inadequate state pension to provide for their retirement.
EVERTON'S tactics rely upon the defence being tight and quite a bit of luck.
While Republicans tout the whittling down of the national deficit by a potential $50 billion to $70 billion, minority congressional members argue it is being done at the expense of educational grants, which African Americans are more likely to rely upon than other races.
After all, if health plan medical directors rely upon differing methods when making decisions, perhaps our decisions differ.
We will rely upon the philosophy of customer-driven, high-quality, value-laden products that has made us a leader.
"The paper and converting industries rely upon TAPPI for standards and education that will keep them competitive in today's rapidly changing marketplace," Sanjiv Dua, C.E.O.
"Although this increase is seemingly small, this additional $1 charge per prescription could quickly add up for some of our older and sicker veterans who rely upon multiple prescriptions for chronic diseases.
The rationale of the New York courts in permitting contractors to recover economic loss damages for negligent misrepresentation is that contractors who bid on projects have very little choice but to rely upon the specifications prepared by architects.
This is particularly important as we rely upon SIAD (Statistical Information Analysis Division, formerly known as the Directorate for Information Operations (DIOR)) for processing FY05 DoD contract reporting and making it available to Congress and the public.