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These changes allow Wang to employ genre as "an interactive map" to navigate the remake's representation and anticipation of a historicized society and to trace the remade genre's innovative "strategies in order to register shifting geopolitics and actively reconfigure it" (12).
Several classics, including Danger Mouse, Clangers and Teletubbies, are being remade for today's young audiences.
PokeWalker and team members following were added to the Heart Gold and Soul Silver remade editions as well.
Padam Kumar, creative producer of the YRF's southern venture along with Aditya Chopra, is actively looking at several YRF hits that can be remade for the southern market.
It was originally made in Tamil, which we remade in Hindi, but it was not an old film.
Remade with less fanfare this year, starring Shane Richie as Arthur's nephew Archie.
The Sinai covenant has been broken and needs to be remade.
While horror films and comedies are often remade and do well at the box office, remakes of dramas can be a risky proposition commercially, as was illustrated in May with the major failure of ``Poseidon,'' a new version of 1972's ``The Poseidon Adventure'' and with the current flop ``Wicker Man.
Recognized for its eclectic history and exciting lifestyle, Hoboken has been remade into a 24/7 address for corporate America.
In his love letters to Angelina Grimke in 1838, Theodore Dwight Weld did something one would not expect from a man courting a woman: he repeatedly desexed his fiance in his rhetoric (and at moments even imaginatively remade her into a man) by conflating her with a male friend of his, Charles Stuart.
Imagine if Serra's] Hand Catching Lead were to be remade as Hand Catching Feces.
In fact, Hitchcock even remade himself at one point, turning out a 1956 wide-screen color version of his 1934 classic The Man Who Knew Too Much, with the newer film starring James Stewart and Doris Day.