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These changes allow Wang to employ genre as "an interactive map" to navigate the remake's representation and anticipation of a historicized society and to trace the remade genre's innovative "strategies in order to register shifting geopolitics and actively reconfigure it" (12).
Wood, from Spennymoor, County Durham, said she was disappointed that so many old shows were now being remade.
And, of course, French genre movies have long been remade for worldwide auds, most recently "The Tourist," which is a redo of 2005 French action film "Anthony Zimmer," while the reverse is rarer because the Hollywood majors generally don't want to sell their rights.
Consultation Paper 255 Remaking ASIC class orders on financial services disclosure (CP 255) outlines the class orders proposed to be remade and our rationale for remaking them.
With almost every classic horror now remade, movieland turns its attention to the little-loved shockers that time forgot.
PokeWalker and team members following were added to the Heart Gold and Soul Silver remade editions as well.
One wonders whether this film will also be remade in Hindi and if Sameera will have this movie in her kitty, as well.
The remake rights for foreign-language pics have always been a hot commodity--"Let Me In," remade from Swedish hit "Let the Right One In," is the latest high-profile example.
It was originally made in Tamil, which we remade in Hindi, but it was not an old film.
DAD'S ARMY: Classic British sitcom was remade as a pilot called The Rear Guard.
THE remake of that movie gem, Alfie, was pathetic, the remade Italian Job a travesty and now they're said to be remaking The Birds.