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Experienced mailers learn to test in their off-seasons, anticipating the major remail in the prime times of the year, Labor Day or immediately after the holidays.
HTI also deploys hardware for for automating the return mail lifecycle, including bar code readers, remail printers and the proprietary software to drive the devices
We had to remail materials to 39 percent of the treatment group members who said they did not receive the first mailing because we were asking beneficiaries to look at the materials before their interview.
In the nonprofit arena, remail is used most often by organizations soliciting donations that wish the mail to have the appearance of originating in the same country as the person addressed.
DM consultant Rene Gnam says an immediate remail of a successful package will bring in 65 percent of the original results.
Another is which of the three basic types of services it offers and which will best accomplish your needs: consolidation, direct injection or remail.
If you selected three lists as winners from an eight-list test, the odds are great that those lists "happened to" come in at the top end of the probability curve the first time and will do less well on the remail.
Find out the difference between ABC remail and direct entry, and much more in the second installment of need-to-know postal terms as presented by Al Goodloe, president, Direct International, and Marian Nelson, editor, Guide to Worldwide Postal Code and Address Formats, at Direct International's Sixth Annual International Postal, Distribution and Fulfillment Conference, held late last year.