remain alive

References in classic literature ?
What current washes the shore of Caprona I know not; whither my bottle will be borne I cannot even guess; but I have done all that mortal man may do to notify the world of my whereabouts and the dangers that threaten those of us who remain alive in Caspak--if there be any other than myself.
Traders and makers of all kinds of commodities have effected a revolution in the picture-world, never dreamed of by the noblemen and gentlemen of ancient lineage, and consistently protested against to this day by the very few of them who still remain alive.
It is the custom of the Mahars to liberate those who remain alive within the arena after the beasts depart or are killed.
The Interdict in- cluded you with Mordred; it is not to be removed while you remain alive.
They will always remain alive in our hearts and the nation pays tributes to the great sacrifices.
She said Kashmir issue was alive at the UN and would remain alive until it was resolved.
They said that Ustad Tasadaq Ali Khan will always remain alive in the world of music.
In a statement issued here on Saturday, the minister expressed a deep sense of grief over her demise and said that she will remain alive in the hearts of people and her fans for her ingenuity in performing arts.
Ovarian Cancer: In the Phase 2 study in recurrent platinum-resistant and refractory ovarian cancer, 53% of patients treated with a therapeutic dose of VB-111 in combination with paclitaxel were alive at 15 months, some of whom remain alive and are on active follow up.
Thorin Oakenshield will remain alive in the upcoming instalment of "The Hobbit" film franchise, according to a new report.
2 EVERTON defender Sylvain Distin insists their European dream will remain alive until the numbers no longer add up.
We want to publish a book of memoirs of the World War II veterans, who remain alive," WW II veteran Taras Tokombaev said at the round table discussion in Bishkek on August 2.