remain firm

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If the price increase is approved, the price increase will be effective upon written approval and will remain firm through the renewal period.
currency is expected to remain firm against the yen this week after briefly reaching a 10-month high of 119.
CANLEY SOCIAL slumped to a surprise 4-2 defeat at Birchfield Sports, but remain firm favourites to claim the Coventry District & Warwickshire title.
FAA officials have since said they remain firm about the agency's ultimatum deadline, but don't view the April 26 deadline as being set in stone.
The tire makers need to remain firm and not waver from what they consider safe.
Market conditions remain favorable and even though profitability for the industry may not be as high as 2006, Fitch expects supply demand balances to remain firm allowing producers to experience healthy margins in 2007.
On the British side backs are scarce and legs and gammons remain weak, although middles remain firm.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bond futures were higher Thursday morning as investors moved in on expectations that prices will remain firm.
Today, Shagman is a one-man Delta Force, singlehandedly storming the charts, where, along with the platinum-selling ``Hotshot'' (MCA), two cuts, ``It Wasn't Me'' and ``Angel'' (which somehow manages to sample both Juice Newton and the Steve Miller Band), remain firm in the Top 10.
SR demand should be strong, influenced by economic recovery and efforts to substitute NR, and SR prices should remain firm.
Anders said: "We remain firm in the belief that returning funds in excess of our financial and reinvestment needs directly to our investors represents the most efficient way to convert excess defense assets to productive non-defense uses.
These properties enable this material to remain firm where needed and soft where desired, creating a custom fit for each individual.