remain firm

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"With recent government estimates pegging a more than a 15 per cent decline in the sugar production for SY17 (sugar year beginning from October) compared to last year, prices are likely to remain firm over the next 2-3 quarters," ICRA Head, Corporate Ratings, Sabyasachi Majumdar said.
"Was it not for the high popular sentiment, Syria would not have been able to remain firm and frustrate the externally-plotted schemes against it," Assad told the dignitaries who took part in the reconciliation efforts in various areas.
If the price increase is approved, the price increase will be effective upon written approval and will remain firm through the renewal period.
Jobless claims also remain near 50-year lows, while confidence measures remain firm. The unemployment rate is expected to slip 3.8% (median 3.8%) from 3.9%, though the workweek is expected to fall to 34.4 (median 34.5) from 34.5.
They said that while the price will remain firm for the time being, its upside is likely to be limited as investors are now cautious about buying bonds actively in light of the recent plunge.
Forecast risk is neutral, as claims are rising in November but confidence and sentiment measures remain firm. The unemployment rate is expected to be steady at a 49-year low of 3.7%.
Pricing shall remain firm for the initial contract period.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bond futures were higher Thursday morning as investors moved in on expectations that prices will remain firm.
The analyst points out that smaller asset class spot rates, time charter rates, and asset values "remain firm." He thinks the shares, currently trading at a 20% discount to estimated net asset value, are undervalued.
''The yen is likely to remain firm through this month on buying by Japanese players'' ahead of the March 31 book-closing for fiscal 2001, said a dealer at a New York-based Japanese bank.
Rosie And Jim are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and remain firm favourites with youngsters.
Proposal line pricing will remain firm for one year from the date of award.