remain valid

See: endure, last
References in classic literature ?
Whatever the law might do with the marriage in the lifetime of both the parties to it -- on the death of either one of them, no application made by the survivor would avail; and, as to the case of that survivor, the marriage would remain valid.
Asked if martial law would remain valid in the brief period between July 22 and July 24, Roque said: 'Yes, because no one else has the power to declare martial law.
Bid Validity Period: Techno- Commercial Offer To Remain Valid For 90 Days From Due Date Of Techno- Commercial Bid Opening.
He said the JCPA is, in fact, a collection of multiple agreements that all fall within the redlines specified by the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, and includes a set of temporary and limited measures that will remain valid for different periods of time.
These concerns remain valid now that the law enters into force," Stano said, adding that the commission understands from statements to the press that the government has submitted amendments to the law.
The visa will allow a maximum stay not exceeding 90 days for each visit and remain valid for three years.
Tickets for the original show remain valid for the new gig and refunds are available.
Summary: Your old cheques will remain valid till March 2013 as banks have failed to implement a new system proposed by the central bank.
This is a limited time offer which will remain valid till November 05, 2012 only.
Earlier, the FIA had informed Interpol that the arrest warrant of Musharraf issued by the anti-terrorist court would remain valid until its compliance.
The package is priced at USD194 onwards, and will remain valid on weekends until November 2, 2011.
However, all postal entries for the pounds 150 Mega Crossword remain valid.