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T n T Recovery proposed to had the C&D debris to a regional recycling site, estimating 180 cubic yards to be recycled, while the remaining estimated yardage would be placed in a landfill.
In a cross-purchase agreement, the remaining shareholders are obligated (or have the option) to purchase a departing shareholder's stock on the occurrence of a specified triggering event.
Lease customers tend to be better credit risks than the average conventional borrower, and the shift toward leasing has had the effect of skimming the more financially secure car buyers and thus degrading somewhat the remaining pool of people financing their purchases through conventional loan contracts.
Buy-sell agreements commonly provide that upon a shareholder's death or termination of employment, the departing shareholder will sell and remaining shareholder(s) will buy his or her interest in the company.
3 million acres of old-growth remaining in 13 national forests (about one-fourth of the total acreage in those forests).
the remaining period to which the terminated hedge relates).
The local jurisdiction retains 52 percent of the balance, and the State Public Safety and Education Account receives the remaining 48 percent.
He suggests that fat and bone marrow were usually consumed, with bits of flesh remaining on the face and lower limbs as a bonus.
Any remaining basis is then allocated among all the group members' S common stock in the same proportion.