remaining course

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Committee members agreed to allocate EGP 100m to be spent during the rest of 2015, with the remaining EGP 265m to be spent through the remaining course of the project, which aims to expand the desalination plant and increase its production capacity.
You can also get student tuition fee loans to cover the remaining course fees.
Over the remaining course of the year the sports car manufacturer anticipates further growth thanks to the new Porsche Macan, which is now available in Porsche Centres in Europe.
A spokesman said: "We believe that taking account of 950 reductions announced in early 2012, the remaining decrease in head count should be met through natural attrition over the remaining course of the strategic plan.
But, despite the major technical hitch, Liverpool's three universities confirmed the majority of their last remaining course places within hours of clearing opening on Thursday.
The remaining course offerings vary greatly in terms of subjects and courses.
Pillai's indiscretion may very well have raised the hackles of our own security establishment, thereby dictating the remaining course of the dialogue.
In the past 12 months, Martinez has taken all of the remaining course work toward his state license--having applied the scholarship funds he received to the Advanced Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches course held in Los Angeles--and expects to complete the 3,000 hours of experience required for his state license by the end of August.
Based upon the remaining course projects and processes, as well as the Edublog Midterm Questionnaire findings, the edublog was further developed and updated.
But we'll be hearing much more of the same from both contenders over the remaining course of the campaign.
Participants usually attend classes Friday evening and all day Saturday, "every other weekend," and do the remaining course work on their own time.
The only remaining course left to them is to take their case to a court of arbitration.