remaining course

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In the two longer formats, teams look to survive those bursts and then recover the resulting damages during the remaining course of the match.
Final exams are this week, and students have, or soon will, hear from their instructors with specific guidance on how their finals or other remaining course work will proceed.
The Company expects important rate case issues, including the incorporation of any federal income tax requirements to structure the leases as true leases, the regulatory method to update lease payments between rate cases and economic issues such as the allowed return on equity, income tax allowance and approved lease rates, to be addressed over the remaining course of the rate case.
We are approaching the last mile so it would be best to chart the remaining course so we can finish on schedule and endorse the bill for plenary debate,' she said.
England's resulting 414 for five gives them a lead of 311 and the opportunity to dictate the remaining course of this pivotal match, depending on Alastair Cook's sense of adventure in a series poised at 1-1 with one more Test to come at The Oval next week.
Committee members agreed to allocate EGP 100m to be spent during the rest of 2015, with the remaining EGP 265m to be spent through the remaining course of the project, which aims to expand the desalination plant and increase its production capacity.
You can also get student tuition fee loans to cover the remaining course fees.
The bank said: "We believe that, taking account the 950 reductions announced in early 2012, the remaining decrease in head count should be met through natural attrition over the remaining course of the strategic plan.
The patients need to continue taking the medicine for the remaining course of their life.
But, despite the major technical hitch, Liverpool's three universities confirmed the majority of their last remaining course places within hours of clearing opening on Thursday.
The remaining course offerings vary greatly in terms of subjects and courses.
Pillai's indiscretion may very well have raised the hackles of our own security establishment, thereby dictating the remaining course of the dialogue.