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The training standards for the 31 remaining courses are currently being developed by the Maritime Education and Training Standards Supervisors (METSS) and the Research and Development Division (RDD) of the Marina-STCW Office, with the assistance of several SMEs from the industry.
Besides, some of the trainee officials sustained injuries or fell ill during the law and order situation and failed to attend the remaining courses.
'The remaining courses have been put on hold by BTN in line with the government's aspiration to study BTN's functions,' it added.
* Another Qatari student pursuing a master's degree at a university in Bahrain said that he only had two semesters left to submit his research thesis when the Bahraini authorities cut ties with Qatar preventing him from sitting for exams and attending lectures for his remaining courses which impacted his academic career greatly.
COURSE DATES All remaining courses are for beginner and intermediate level shearers.
'We covered remaining courses, prepared examination papers and results with limited staff', she said, even did the work of non-teaching staff as they also are on strike.
In addition, the ACCA accreditation grants an extra perk that enables AUC accounting graduates to take remaining courses over a year with master's students at the University of London.
The dashboard, which was unveiled in November, remains an easy way to monitor courses you've completed, the status of courses you are currently taking, and any remaining courses required to complete your certification.
The remaining courses examined music in broad geographic regions which included course titles such as "The Arab World," "Africa and the Americas," and "Musics of Asia and Oceania."
The Seawane Club is already sold out and the remaining courses are filling up fast.
The remaining courses struggle to attract candidates.
The graphs of the remaining courses are left to the analysis of the readers.