remaining options

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As the year quickly draws to a close, many investors are left with sizeable tax burdens and few remaining options with which to reduce them.
In view of the deferment and the uncertainty as to whether the remaining options will be exercised, it is not possible to ascertain the financial impact of the agreement for deferment at this point in time, the company announced.
The remaining options were to operate the rider-replacement facility for Kylmakorpi, as has been done in the final three regular-season fixtures, with the Finn's programmed rides being shared amongst the other members of the team.
Patrons, who want to attend the Semi-Finals in Auckland on Tuesday and Sydney on Thursday, or the Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday, are advised to urgently visit the official tournament site and check out the few remaining options on the ticketing page.
The Welsh Government said it has worked with stakeholder bodies to identify all remaining options for a revised payment scheme that can be introduced in 2015, and is now seeking views from the whole sector.
It will now make a final recommendation by summer 2015 from three remaining options, including two plans to expand Heathrow Airport and one to expand Gatwick Airport.
1954 Act - in or out | Of the remaining options, 3 will suit a landlord or landowner who wants exibility and control over the property.
Investors were warned this week that any remaining options for the group would be likely to wipe out any remaining value of the stock.
Albemarle said a cut-price sale of the business was still a possibility but warned that the remaining options open to it "provide no realistic prospect of any value being attributable to the company's ordinary shares".
06 ( ANI ): BlackBerry has reportedly launched a tool that would allow BBM users to find new friends from their contact list and help the sinking smartphone company gain something from its last remaining options.
In which case, the remaining options are the euro, a Scottish currency - a more logical independence option but one which the SNP knows voters fear - or just using the pound without any formal monetary agreement.
They said a short delay to fully consider the two remaining options will result in a better decision and won't cause any significant delay.