remaining time

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Katherine was herself pressed to make one of the party, but the young lady, at the same time she owned her wish to see this far-famed cataract, declined the offer firmly, but gratefully, on account of her desire to spend the remaining time with her father and mother, before they went to the south.
It perceives the pedestrian movement on the pavement (before crossing the street) and on the pedestrian crossing (while crossing) and automatically readjusts the remaining time based on the inputs.
Meanwhile, Lisa, 49, says she intends to spend her remaining time laughing and having fun.
Lacson, chair of the committee, told de Lima that she could consume the remaining time since she was pursuing good leads.
Via leaflets dropped by helicopters from the Syrian Air Force, the General Command called on the armed persons to lay down their weapons and take advantage of the remaining time in settling their status.
GSK has been fortunate to benefit from Moncefs considerable scientific and technical experience over many years and Im pleased that during his remaining time, he will continue to provide this valuable expertise to the Company.
He, however, said that six hours daily load shedding would be carried out during the remaining time.
Hoops new bhoy Ajer set to Start as a striker CELTIC new boy Kristoffer Ajer will take on a striking role for IK Start in his remaining time in Norway.
WOLVES goalkeeper Aaron McCarey has been suspended for four months after failing an out-of-competition drug test but the sanction has been backdated to April 21 with the remaining time suspended for a two-year period.
Complying with international labour law, eight-hour work a day with a half-an-hour recess and five days a week, leaving the remaining time of the week for creative activities, should be the ideal everyone must aspire for.
The Kuwaiti national team had a couple of chances and tried hard to score an equalizer in the remaining time but to no avail.
With just over two years left in his term, Barack Obama now faces the predictable barrage by some critics and political observers that his remaining time as president will mostly be as a 'lame duck.