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6 A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (1964) THE Spaghetti Western starring Clint Eastwood as the "man with no name" gunfighter was a remake of 1961 Japanese film Yojimbo.
Wang examines The Love Parade (1929), its 1930s Shanghai operatic adaptation, Xuangong Yenyan (literally, Romance in the Jade Palace), and the 1957 Hong Kong remake with the same Chinese name but translated into My Kingdom for a Husband.
I came on board after the remake rights were bought by Fox Star Studios and Vishesh Films.
Jucaud says the Remakes Market doesn't present mainstream projects and properties.
Grindhouse star Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the lead in The Thing - half remake and half prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 chiller.
Fans have feared that the remake would be in the same style as the recent 'Starsky and Hutch' remake, which was savaged by critics for parodying the original show.
It topped the 10 Worst Remakes Poll carried out by DVD rental firm ScreenSelect.
Suchet is perhaps best known for his 13-year stint playing Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot on PBS but has also starred in countless Hollywood films including the recent remake of The in-Laws, which also co-starred Reynolds.
This summer alone we've seen Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton play cat and mouse with a boat, truck, and train full of bullion in the pumped-up remake of The Italian Job, watched Dustin Hoffman and Edward Burns bait and switch each other with a van full of dough in Confidence, and spied on Nick Nolte's efforts to pull one last jewelry heist in The Good Thief.
COACH: What is your involvement with the remake of "Brian's Song?
Mission: Impossible 2: Tom Cruise is back for this sequel to the successful remake of the old TV show.