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Specifically, Wang conceptualizes Shanghai and Hong Kong's remaking of Hollywood films as a "peripheral subaltern film remaking" in a semi- and sub-colonial China between the 1920s and 1949, and reexamines Chinese social, political, and historical conditions during this period (4).
With the launching of the Facebook site, Remaking America Now, is able to keep the focus on preserving and creating jobs, promoting economic recovery, innovation, manufacturing and technology.
This article is the last of Jean Brown's five-part guide to remaking the world.
When director Gus Van Sant announced he was remaking Alfred Hitchcock's suspense masterpiece Psycho, the reaction wasn't what you'd expect.
Firstly, while the ubiquity of the Hollywood remake might understandably lead Leitch to conclude that the remake is a particularly cinematic form,(4) we might question to what extent it differs from the remaking of songs in the popular music industry.
Where an instrument is considered to be operating effectively and efficiently and still serves a regulatory purpose we will consult on remaking it even if there will be no significant changes.
It makes as much sense as Harvey without lovely, bumbling Jimmy Stewart, but Spielberg is remaking that.
Nowhere is it written that you can't make a great movie by remaking another movie, even a great one,'' says film critic and historian Leonard Maltin.
Consultation Paper 248 Remaking ASIC class orders on reporting by foreign entities: CO 98/98 and CO 02/1432 (CP 248) proposes that they be remade as a single legislative instrument.
Remaking one of the most beloved games ever puts Square Enix in a bittersweet position.
Sony saw potential in remaking the 1949 best picture winner "All the King's Men" with Oscar darlings Sean Penn and Kate Winslet in the leads and "Schindler's List" scribe Steve Zaillian helming.