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While a genre undergoes the remaking process, it inevitably encounters a "crisis of representation" as it becomes "destabilized, hybridized, and reformulated" (12).
In addition to expanding the number of people using the resource, Remaking America Now, is also looking for potential sponsors and hosts to launch the National Conference.
Raiders of the Lost Text: Remaking as Contested Homage in Always.
Nowhere is it written that you can't make a great movie by remaking another movie, even a great one,'' says film critic and historian Leonard Maltin.
We're not sure whether or not he will direct the movie himself, but he has been thinking about remaking it at some point," a source (http://www.
THERE'S NOTHING wrong with remaking John Carpenter's 1976 action thriller ``Assault on Precinct 13.
THERE is no point remaking Spartacus - it's like trying to repaint the Mona Lisa with brighter colours.
In a nutshell: Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks have a good time remaking the 1979 comedy - and the feeling is contagious.
Movie purists are sure to cry foul over the very nerve of Skerritt, Thompson, Madsen, director Ron Hardy and executive producer David Rosemont remaking such a beloved film.
When they say there's nothing new under the sun, you know the film community takes that to the nth degree by remaking everything that was old under the sun.