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To send back.

A higher court may remand a case to a lower court so that the lower court will take a certain action ordered by the higher court. A prisoner who is remanded into custody is sent back to prison subsequent to a Preliminary Hearing before a tribunal or magistrate until the hearing is resumed, or the trial is commenced.

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v. to send back. An appeals court may remand a case to the trial court for further action if it reverses the judgment of the lower court, or after a preliminary hearing a judge may remand into custody a person accused of a crime if the judge finds that a there is reason to hold the accused for trial. (See: appeal, preliminary hearing)

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the disposal of an accused person during further process of law. A person may be remanded on bail or in custody. Now includes non-secure remand, the principal example being ELECTRONIC TAGGING.
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TO REMAND. To send back or recommit. When a prisoner is brought before a judge on a habeas corpus, for the purpose of obtaining his liberty, the judge hears the case, and either discharges him or not; when there is cause for his detention, he remands him.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In 1976, the Supreme Court in Thermtron Products identified a narrow exception to the strict bar to appellate review of remand orders: A remand order may be reviewed on petition for writ of mandamus where the district court has remanded a case "on grounds not authorized by the removal statutes." 423 U.S.
The measure also would mandate expeditious decisions by the BVA on cases remanded by the court and mandate that VA regional or other field offices expedite decisions in cases remanded to them by the BVA.
The Court of Appeals remanded to the district court for further consideration of the work-product doctrine issue.
Two days ago, the court issued remand orders against 20 individuals while another 10 were remanded yesterday to assist in the investigations.
The third One City employee was remanded four days and was represented by another lawyer Rafique Rashid Ali.
A judicial magistrate remanded on Monday a key suspect to prison in a case pertaining to the murder of a college student near Seaview beach.
Apart from Hasanah, a deputy director-general of a division in the Prime Minister's Department with the honorific title of 'Datuk', and six administrative and diplomatic officers were also remanded to assist with the investigations.
At this, the court remanded Asif Hashmi into custody of NAB on 15-day physical remand in plots case besides extending his physical remand in illegal investment case.
'It's just like any member of the public...Even if they are going to charge tomorrow, it's perfectly fine that he is remanded and during remand period he is charged,' he said, again citing as reason the AG's 'absolute discretion' to press charges.
To which, the NAB prosecutor argued that the bureau had medical facilities and requested for physical remand of the accused.The court after hearing arguments of both parties remanded the accused into NAB custody on physical remand till March 5.
RAWALPINDI, October 11, 2011 (Frontier Star): Judge Shahid Rafiq of Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Rawalpindi division has remanded three out of four terrorists arrested from Shehzad town Islamabad to police custody for seven days.
The appeals court reversed and remanded, finding that the state's unique former statutory scheme for sex offenders, which predicated the term of sentence on a prisoner's response to treatment, created a liberty interest in treatment and a right to treatment for the purposes of both procedural and substantive due process analyses.