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The obtained remanence direction may correspond therefore to either the primary (Silurian) magnetization with non-centred secular variations, which are known to cause major dispersal of palaeomagnetic directions (e.
REMANENCE brings together Europe's leading experts in; sensing, disassembly, recycling technology and materials processing in a multi-disciplinary project able to deliver significant technical advances.
Figure 2(c) shows the same corrected curve where better resolution around zero applied field leads to estimates of the remanence and intrinsic coercivity.
Table 1: Typical magnetic and physical properties of different types of magnets used in dentistry (5) Magnets Energy Coercive *-Anisotropic Product Remanence Force ***-Isotropic ([KJM.
Deformation and magnetization of the Hudson River Valley, eastern New York: Results of a study of calcite twinning and anisotropy of magnetic remanence in the Onondaga Limestone.
The ratios were calculated thus; for SIRM/[chi] and IRM20/[chi] remanence is multiplied by [10.
American National Standards Institute, Accredited Standards Committee X9 on Financial Services, 1999, "A guide to understanding data remanence in automated information systems," technical guideline, No.
In so doing, Farah, through Koschin, undertakes an essay on the remanence of the traits of the Somali capital.
Refuse remanence best describes the site assemblage at any given point of time.
Remaining magnetic energy depends on the volume of material in the tool, and the material's saturation magnetizing, remanence, and coercive force.
The Panorama Labs projector shows breakthrough performance features including high-speed switching, pixel remanence, low power requirements and high thermal tolerance.