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4); Q = Koenigsberger ratio; D and I = declination and inclination of the natural remanent magnetization, respectively.
The magnetic parameters such as coercivity, saturation magnetization, and remanent magnetization are shown in Table 2.
The modified montmorillonite (MMt) exhibits higher saturation magnetization and markedly lower values of the remanent magnetization and coercivity (Table 4).
Magnetic properties of the composite samples at different temperatures: Saturation magnetization ([M.sub.S]), remanent magnetization ([M.sub.R]) and coercivity ([H.sub.C]).
The PM flux can be controlled independently of the reluctance torque by varying the magnet remanent flux density and the fraction of the rotor barriers.
Due to the remanent flux density of permanent magnets in experiments, there exists an effective back-EMF of 2 V for zero slip speed.
A very weak dichroic effect was, however, observed in the FY XMCD spectra and is indicative of a remanent ferromagnetic ordering (see Figure 6).
The uncoated NPs exhibit saturation magnetization ([M.sub.s]) of 71.5emu/g and have small remanent magnetization ([M.sub.r] [approximately equal to] 0.81 emu/g) and coercivity (Ce~2.3Oe) indicating their suitable magnetic behavior.
Upon reaching the test line, the remanent GNPs-labeled antibody not binding with AFM1 or CAP bound with the coated antigen of AFM1 or CAP to form the antigen-antibody-GNP complex that quenches the fluorescence on the test line.
High anterolateral portal (LP) was established for arthroscopic examination to confirm the ACL rupture, to clean the ruptured ACL and to properly preserve the tibial remanent of ACL (generally 3-5mm).
The remanent strain in elements of cords and wires, which are connected with twisting tension.