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A few samples were also, after AF-demagnetization, progressively magnetized up to 900 mT or 2 T using the Magnetic Measurements pulse magnetizer (MMPM10) and then stepwise demagnetized ([less than or equal to] 100 mT) using LDA-3 to obtain information about saturation remanent magnetization ([M.
The increase of the coercive force and the decrease of remanent induction in the Fe-Cu MLC was detected at a decrease of the iron concentration.
An Mn-doped BFO thin-film capacitor was developed with the dual functions of decreasing leakage current and 180-220 micronC/cm(2) of switching charge, Qsw, which is equivalent to twice the remanent polarization, 2Pr.
My work entailed extensive travelling by Land Rover, in England, Scotland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Western Germany, collecting oriented (mainly Roman and medieval) samples from pottery kilns, iron furnaces, hypocausts, hearths and other burnt structures, which were then taken back to Cambridge to measure their remanent magnetism.
He was not of the opinion, like some other conservationists, that we should nowadays adopt this practice more widely in order to re-invigorate the soil and encourage remanent native vegetation, believing instead that the solution to creeping desertification was related to encouraging the growth of deep-rooted tree species.
Isothermal remanent magnetisation parameters (IRM20, IRM200) and saturated isothermal remanent magnetisation (SIRM) were measured in a Molspin flux-gate magnetometer after magnetisation in a Molspin pulse magnetiser (induced at 20 mT, 200 mT, and 850 mT).
At the bottom of the photograph is a skin-covered mound, which is at a remanent of the posterior external auditory canal bone.
Joyce Castro and Laurie Brown of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst had originally set out to test the theory behind TRM by measuring the remanent magnetizations in Hawaiian lava flows from 1950 and 1972 and comparing those to the direction of the present magnetic field in Hawaii.
Using our Remanent Field Technology, iPERL residential water meters enable greater accuracy, even at low flows.
The latex was obtained when the color of the liquid phase got ivory, then instilled remanent monomers and initiator gradually.
scanning microscope incorporating a SQUID, magnetic tunnel junction, giant magnetoresistance, hall probe, or similar magnetic field sensor) capable of acquiring 2D spatially-resolved maps of the z-component of the DC remanent magnetic field measured at a fixed height above a polished rock thin section.