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Earlier, Women's Action Forum demanded an apology from the chief justice over his remark and called it 'sexist'.
Under the purchase agreement, Remark will control the timing and amount of any sale of common shares to Aspire.
Is the Remark Temporally Proximate to the Employment
Would it be the remark of someone who's enlightened?
The remark, sources said, has been made by Roshan Lal who was the then additional chief secretary of the agriculture department.
Following a critical remark, the EU executive reconsidered its initial position and implemented the ombudsman's proposal to launch a new tender procedure.
Former Vermont governor and presidential aspirant Howard Dean denounced the remarks as "deeply offensive" and "immoral.
He was referring to a remark he made during a speech in Yamagata Prefecture.
In a letter to an FA disciplinary commission which considered the case on November 6, Mr Wright denied making the remark reported by Mr Melin.
Remark Web Survey works seamlessly with Remark Office OMR, Principia's forms processing and tabulation software that uses common PC image scanners to collect data.
Most racial slights and insensitive remarks in today's workplace may not be as blatant as what Scott experienced.
ISLAMABAD -- Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Wednesday expressed his regrets over the remarks he made in Karachi about the length of women's skirt and conceded that the comments were inappropriate on the occasion and he stands corrected.